Amper Industry

Design and construction of energy equipment, measurement, and control

The scope and development of Amper Group company activities required the construction of their own engineering and implementation capacities that support the entire group in terms of the ​​design and construction of energy facilities, including measurement and control systems, so that a significant part of this work can be covered through our own resources. This system provides Amper Group companies with adequate personnel and technical resources for the implementation of demanding energy projects. The further development of these activities is one of the group’s priorities, which is gradually being fulfilled even in an environment impacted by a lack of qualified engineers, assembly workers, and highly technically skilled craftsmen. Amper Industry is also anticipated to participate in the construction of energy facilities outside Amper Group in the future.

The company focuses mainly on the design and implementation of the following types of energy facilities:

  • cooling and heating,
  • solar power plants,
  • cogeneration units,
  • compressor stations,
  • measurement and control systems.